How Covid 19 Changed Me Forever


What a trip! I just spent some time to reread some old blog posts. I read about my 2020 resolutions and nearly spit my water out. Who would have thought this year would utterly implode on itself? But it has, and here we are. If you are reading this I think you know how fortunate you are to be here. I took 6 months off of real blogging and article writing. I had to, get my mind right. I had to pivot and gain new perspective and really think about what this new direction means for me.

This world event has changed all of us, forever. Relating to beauty and self care I took a step back for a while to get some perspective. Here it is.

Self love and self care are the most pivotal. Before, I have to admit that I viewed self-care in more surface terms. I took the deeper things for-granted. Self care is soo much more than a face mask or foot soak. Introspection is key, getting to truly know yourself and be happy in your own skin. The covid 19 lock down cut out all the noise and took away our distractions. It made me get real and do that tough personal work we all like to pretend isn't necessary. My self-care routine now incorporates time for meditation, setting boundaries, edifying my soul. I now take the time to admire the small things. I do not ever want to forget this when times look up again.

After the initial shock and anxiety I decided to be more proactive and independent. I tried to learn to do things for myself from the comfort of my home. Things I would ordinarily just be quick to pay for. Online courses are the GOAT y'all!

Loved ones are the ultimate. The pace of life before covid was hectic, and I do not think it allowed me to see how truly beautiful my family and friends are. The comradery, love and empathy that arose from this dumpster fire of a situation are unparalleled. I got time to truly see the heart in all of them. It also gave me the chance to be altruistic, to hold space, to give grace, to love on my people.

Guys and gals I am not sure what this new direction will mean for this space. However, the content creation continues and I look forward to interacting with you once again.

Thank you for being here and remember that all tough times have an expiration date.



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