The Cleansing Routine That Changed The Game

Hello hello! I am back and feeling pretty awesome since I do believe I am on a skincare roll. You know that feeling of being stuck in a rut and then something shakes you right on out of it? These are the feels about my entire routine right now!

This post is about the cleansing aspect and it all started when I watched a clip from Huda Kattan on Snapchat. She said she likes to double cleanse to make sure all her makeup is throughly removed, so of course follow pattern me had to try it out.

You must first cleanse with an oil based makeup remover. This breaks down any makeup, sebum and oil. For this part I reached for my trusty and beloved Ponds Cold Cream. All you have to do I look through my older blog posts for years and you would see this is a staple for me. I massage a dollop into the skin and then use my Ottoman Turquoise Wipes to wipe my face clean.

The second part is a water based cleanse to remove any residue left by the inital cleanse. For this I love love love the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water with Rose Water. The reason is its a wonderful makeup remover but the rose water also adds a soothing component to it. I also love it because my skin does not by any means feel stripped of moisture. So I put a couple drops of the micellar water on a cotton round and go over my face with it gently.

After this I then continue with my regular routine; you can see my previous post to read about that.

The results of this double cleansing or double makeup removing? You get the most out of your skincare products! Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and primed to recieve all the goodness from your routine to follow.

I am very pleased wih how my skin feels now with this twist to my routine!

Do you Beauties already do this? If not will you give it a try?



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