My Current Skin Care Routine

Hola! I have completely changed my skincare routine and I am very excited about the results; so you ladies know I have to share. Let me start by saying, as I begrudgingly get older I realized I needed to up my skin care game.

Let's get right into this.

Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash

Love love love this! Immediately I could feel the deep clean, the smell is amazing and the light tingly feeling is just refreshing. After a long day especially if I have been wearing makeup this cleanser is one of the things I look forward to. My skin feels cleansed, refreshed but not dried out. I have been using this consistantly for approximately 6 weeks and the clarity in my complexion has definitely improved. One of the things I attribute to this is the vitamin C.

Pixi Retinol Tonic

I purchased this because a dermatologist said one of his favorite anti-againg active ingredients in skincare is retinol, due to its revitalizing effects on the skin. This toner is chalk full of antioxidants that are great for the skin. My personal experience after 4 weeks is my pores and fine lines are definitely less visible! My skin texture is also smoother.

Grapeseed Oil

I use a couple drops of this after toning for extra hydration at night. This oil does not clog pores and does not feel super oily when massaged into the skin. I am prone to dry skin which means I can get wrnkles more easily; not an option if I can help it! So I like to use a couple drops of this before my bed time moisturizer. Upon doing some research it is said to help reduce the appearance of under eye circles, treats pimples and promotes skin tightening. Score!

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream

This is said to be a cult favorite, so basically it was the first anti aging cream that came up on many blogs when I was frantically doing my research. I have been using this for 4 weeks now and I must say.....I LOVE IT!

A little bit goes a long way, when I apply it to the skin it feels like my skin is being hit by a luxurious wave of hydration. I massage it into the skin as well and into my neck; ladies never forget your neck!

It also contains my favorite active ingredient; hyaluronic acid. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. So this cream helps to produce younger and firmer looking skin ,while correcting wrinkles.

With upgrades come the fact that you are going to have to shell out some extra cash. I'm not mad at it, taking care of my skin is definitely a priority.

What products have you Beauties been crushing on lately?



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