We Made It? The 2020 Manifesto.

So it's 2020, for a many of us that means a whole lot. However, just like everything else, you will get out of it what you put in. So what's the game plan Beauties?

As per usual this is my manifesto for 2020, I love to be kept accountable, and also be able to refer to these posts as a tool to keep me on track.

I stopped publishing posts around September last year because simply, I burnt out. I was soo focused on pushing various initatives that I neglected my self care and health. This year that just won't fly. I am dedicated to taking care of my health, relationships with loved ones and spirituality. This will enable me to be the best version of myself, be more inspired and provide the best service for my clients.

How will I do it?

Organization is key. Everything in life has its place and I intend to tighten and tweak my schedule. A big part of adulting that is annoying “there aren't enough hours in the day”, I tend to find something to do whenever I have a spare minute. That ends now. Scheduling time for self-care, relaxation, staying in touch with friends and even creative brainstorming will be pivotal.

Add a little whimsy. While when I was a smidge younger I have been told “you're whimsical in a bad way!”, I still believe in having some whimsy in your life lol, especially as a creative. To make a point to be in touch with your body, to be spontaneous, to stop and smell the roses if you will. Go to the beach just before sunrise, take a drive along the east coast with your car stereo blaring your favorite playlist. Be in the moment sometimes, it truly helps with feeling grounded and happy.

It's go time. All of the above having the right balance is what enables you to keep pushing forward to srtive after and achieve your goals. This is what we are about to do in 2020, this is going to be a good year Beauties.

Our team has spent countless hours planning and creating some pretty exciting experiences for you. I also promise to document my selfcare and health journey much more.

What are some of your resolutions for this year?



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