How To Find Your Beauty Style

If you are just getting into the makeup world you could feel a little overwhelmed. One question my students and readers usually ask is "How do I know what looks good on me?". Have no fear I understand the anxiety of wanting to jump into the magical world of makeup and staring at the endless sea of eyeshadow colours, lipstick colours, textures, finishes and the like. Relax, take a breath, grab a drink; I am here to help! Firstly you want to choose products that will work well for you. Take the time to assess whether you have dry or oily skin, hyperpigmentation or any other issues you would like to combat. Once you have this information you are ready to purchase the type of formulas that will work best for you. Now let's play! Yes, that's right; makeup is about experimentation. You must try different colours and techniques to see how you feel about them. It is one of the wonderful things about makeup. I know the biggest fear many of you have is you do not want to look crazy, understandably. This is where I reassure you learning the basic application techniques will serve you well. Once you have these under your belt, you can confidently try a variety of looks. My own makeup story goes a little something like this..... I knew that my skin type was oily to dry to I new which types of moisturizers, primers and foundations I needed to use. Where it came to what colours looked good on me that was total experimentation. For example, I realized that purple lipstick was not flattering on me at all, I tend to gravitate towards reds. They make me feel confident and just brightens my face in a way no purple lipstick ever could. I know ladies who swoon over eyeshadow looks but I fell in love with is complexion makeup. A fresh, glowing complexion is the cornerstone of any beautiful makeup look and therefore it is my all-time favorite part of the makeup routine. Next comes eyelashes. Now, your girl has none. I was born bald and my mother keeps telling me. Mascara helps a tad, but I am pretty much hopeless. The way a good strip lash opens your eyes up is pretty amazing to me so yes, that aspect is a keeper. That is how my beauty style was born. This is how I would describe my go-to look in a nutshell. "Flawless, glowing, blushed complexion with enhanced brows, wispy lashes, and a bold red lip." This was all borne from a combination of things, my skin type, what looked good on me, what part of the makeup process I love the most and also what I believe could do with a little more enhancement. Of course, sometimes I will take the time to experiment with various looks like eyeshadow combinations, however, this signature style is my holy grail so to speak. Another upside is, I do this soo often, it takes no more than 15 minutes to accomplish! Tell me, what is your beauty style? Xoxo Dee

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