Must Have Makeup Brushes: But Why?

Hi! Welcome back to our blog section! As I am writing this I'm feeling particularly energetic so please bare with me, haha. Now that you have your makeup brushes, let me explain how I use each brush on the list our previous article.

1. Large Powder Brush

Large powder brushes are for foundation powders. I love large brushes because they sweep light even layers of product over your face. The key is to look soft and natural.

2. Medium Powder Brush

This brush is my most multitasking one and I actually have two in my personal makeup roll. The size of it is perfect to use it for setting concealer with powders, applying highlight, and applying blush. I feel like the traditionally labeled 'blush brush' is too small to apply blush because it results in a concentrated blush application that is not cute people!

3. Buffing Brush- this can be flat top or rounded

Used to massage and press cream or liquid foundation into the skin. Buffing brushes can also be used to apply moisturizer and primer for the same application. Admittedly, on myself I use my fingers to apply all three however when I am working on my clients I use these babies and have tons of them in my kit.

4. Medium Slanted Powder Brush

This brush can be used to contour or to apply highlight to the cheekbones. The shape allows you to apply product to those specific areas but because it is a smaller slanted shape the blend is softer. Just do not use the same slanted powder brush to apply both contour and highlight in the same application.

5. Large Fan Brush (If you must)

This is a honorable mention because it is not exactly necessary but everyone loves them. Ok so please do not purchase some small, flimsy fan brush. I like medium to large brushes in this type. They can be used to apply powder contour.

Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner/ Eye Brow Brushes

1. Flat Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow brush staple. This brush you can purchase in various sizes depending on your own eyelid shape or size. This is the brush that you use on your eyelid to really pack on that solid colour. The flat shape is to allow you to press on that colour evenly.

2. Fluffy Blending Brush

Fluffy blending brush's purpose much like the large powder brush is to apply and blend a light, even wash of colour. This is used in the crease and above to blend your transition colour.

3. Pointed Blending Brush

I always say it is good to have a more pointed blending brush to work more so in the crease. This is targeted and helps to deepen that crease colour.

4. Slanted Liner Brush

A good slanted liner brush is a must have. I have tens of these because I use them to apply gel liner to my top lid, gel liner on my waterline (the precision is amazing), brow pomade and also to clean up your brow area with concealer.

5. Spoolie (brow brush)

This is looks like a mascara brush, it is used to brush your eye brows through before or after filling in your brows.

There you have it folks! I hope this has helped you Beauties.

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