Must Have Makeup Brush Guide for Beginners

Beauties! Having the right brushes is definitely super important when it comes to the finish of your makeup look. Here is my list of brushes you should have in your collection even if you are only applying your makeup on yourself.

Firstly let's break the myth that brush rolls are best. I actually prefer to build my brush collection with stand alone brushes. If you are a beginner and a bit overwhelmed I can understand thinking that picking up a roll is easiest. However let's be honest in this moment; most times you end up with a bunch a brushes you do not need no know how to use. So allow me to break this down for you babies!

My bristle type of choice is synthetic which are man made. Back in the day people opted for animal hair which is softer but now most synthetic bristles are soft and well made. Plus I mean, animal cruelty is not ok people! Another huge plus is synthetic brushes work well with every formula; cream, liquid, powder, everything!

Face Brushes:-

Large Powder Brush

Medium Powder Brush

Buffing Brush- this can be flat top or rounded

Medium Slanted Powder Brush

Large Fan Brush (If you must)

Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner/ Eye Brow Brushes

Flat Eye Shadow Brush

Fluffy Blending Brush

Pointed Blending Brush

Slanted Liner Brush

Spoolie (brow brush)

These are the staples that will get you started. Stay tuned for the next article where I explain exactly how I use each brush and why they are on my list.

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