How To: Get Smooth Glowing Skin

Everyone wants it right? Taking care of your own skin is much more important than any makeup application in my books. For makeup enthusiasts the bonus of course having a more flawless finish when you start with beautiful and healthy canvas.

I realized a few weeks ago I was having a bit of texture and more visible pores on my lower cheek closer to my nose. This would be accented with the application of powder. Of course you Beauties know that just would not do. So I decided to change up my skincare routine a bit and in approximately one week I saw a vast difference.

Sharing is care so here is what I have been doing!

1) Exfoliate more often. My usual exfoliation routine is twice a week, but I doubled that. Using the L'Oreal Pure Clay Cleanser in Exfoliate.

2) I switched out my night time moisturizer with argan oil. Just one small drop in the palm of my hands, I rubbed my palms together to heat it up then I pressed it into my cleansed and dried face. Being sure to really press it into the problematic areas.

3) Then in the morning after I cleansed my face, whether I am going to apply makeup or not I use the Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner. The formula is truly comfortable to wear and it leaves a soft powder finish.

Those small changes have produced massive results and I am soo happy with the smooth, glowing texture of my skin!

What are some serum or treatments you ladies swear by?

Xoxo Dee

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