How To: Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

When big beautiful eyes are the goal but you are not blessed with them, have no is here! Corny I know but it is totally true. This is what makeup is all about, illusion. So let's get right on into this and allow me to list a few tricks for making your eyes appear bigger.

  1. Line your eyelid with black liner.

You can use gel or liquid, whatever floats your boat or your are more proficient with. We want to accentuate your eye shape with this line, it is up to you whether you want to more dramatic and create a wing or just do an ordinary line.

2. White/ Cream Liner in the Waterline.

This is important because you want to create the illusion that the white part of your eye is extended or larger than it is. For women of deeper skin tones please do not reach for that start white liner. Now there are cream coloured liners that look a lot more natural.

3. Blend A Matte Shadow By Your Bottom Lid

After we have used that white/cream liner in the waterline it is imperative to go in a create a soft shape underneath. So take a smudge brush and softly blend some matte brown or black or whatever colour you are using for your eye shadow look under your waterline. I prefer to stick with mattes because it is all about creating shadows and not drawing light to the whole area.

4. Mascara It Up

Use your favorite mascara both on your top and bottom lashes.

5. Bonus. Falsies, nuff said. False eyelashes make your own eyes pop and do create the illusion of your eyes being bigger than they are.

I hope this quick guide has helped you Beauties! Be nice and share this article with a friend!



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