My Makeup Role Model: The Eve Pearl Edition

Welcome to my Role Model series. I have been influenced and inspired by some amazing people that I deeply respect, and it is about time I shared how they shaped my business and art. Please note these are my subjective thoughts based on what I have observed and any personal interaction I have had with these people.

The first up is the amazing Eve Pearl. From the beginning of my journey as a makeup lover and that transitioning into becoming a professional artist I was drawn to her product line. Specifically because I loved the the concept of her makeup line ingeniously combining skincare with makeup.

On a trip in 2012 with some other makeup artists we actually visited her storefront and studio in New York. Her store was beautiful and we soon got to realize so was she, inside and out. Eve was very busy getting ready for an appearance that afternoon and we did not want to bother her, however she was soo welcoming! She insisted we take photos with her, chatted about our makeup artistry and the industry, then gifted us cosmetics from her line. I was honestly shocked at how lovely and generous she was, that made a huge impression on my about how much kindness and authenticity has an impact on people.

I attended The Makeup Show New York a few days later and of course we made sure to take in Eve's seminar. The lessons I learned in that 30-45 minute session were invaluable and served me well in the coming years for my business. She covered negotiations and business, did a makeup demonstration and even had time to fully engage the audience.

What I admire about her is how approachable, kind, humble, her vast knowledge and talent; all while running a lucrative company which she built from the ground up.

Her product line is definitely worth the price point which would take it into the high end realm. Products that I have used personally and in my kit are the Salmon Concealer, the HD Pro Palette, the Blush Trios, the Ultimate Lip Palette and I also have a few of the dual sided brushes. Her makeup line and tools are definitely professional grade and high performance quality. The complexion cosmetics are very easy to blend with amazing coverage; a staple in my kit especially for commerical shoots.

Take a look on their website

Overall I will always support this brand, the quality is pristine and when you know the ethos behind the brand is noble, it's a winner.



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