Get Out of That Rut: How I stay Creative

No one is above it. Despite our varying walks of life or situations we all get stuck in that rut. I know, I know its a horrible feeling especially if you are a creative. Let me guess, you feel dull, uninspired, fatigued and sometimes just downright depressed. The good news is no matter the situation, you can pull yourself out. Here are some ways I reset and refocus in order to get my passion back.

1. Disconnect

When I am feeling overwhelmed sometimes the trick is taking a step back and disconnecting from everything just for a short while. This may look different for everyone, for some a social media break, for others declining a couple events to do some introspection may do the trick. Whatever works for you do that. The important thing is to get in touch with yourself and how you feel. You will know the next move from there.

2. Change of routine

Another thing that works for me is changing my routine a little bit. Remember folks these do not have to be super drastic changes. You would be surprised what a few little changes could do for your mood. Sometimes I will go to a different work space or try cooking a new cuisine. Changing your routine helps me to remember in all aspects there is a vast world out there with many options and I get to have fun trying new things.

3. Nature

If you are on my social media which why wouldn't you be? Ha! You know I am an avid beach lover. Next to nothing makes me feel happier and more content. Maybe its the the soothing sound of the waves or the sun on my skin or just how insanely beautiful my island is I don't know....ok back on track. Whatever floats your boat regarding getting in touch with nature, do it . Take it all in, a reminder that life is beautiful and nature is magical. I know this section sounds airy fairy but I mean every bit of it. When you leave the beach or the park you will feel calmer and more grounded.

4. Music

The effect that rocking out to your favorite songs has on you is pretty self explanatory. So with that said, create a killer playlist and turn it all the way up. In the car, while your cleaning at home, wherever.

5. Self Care/Pampering

Long, hot showers in a scented candle lit bathroom with my favorite music is one of my favorite things to do. Investing is nice bath products like bath bombs, shower gels and oils can be a bit pricey but if you are on a budget you can create a decent collection over time. Do not use them everyday, but when you are feeling like a little treat bust those babies out and pamper yourself!

There you have it folks. If you have any suggestions comment on this post. Let's get a conversation going!



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