Confession Time! The Products That I Hoard.

Undoubtedly there are products in each of our lives that make the sun shine a little brighter, make the grass seem a little greener; basically that we do not want to imagine having to live without. So if you are like me for these products you live with the dread that your favorites may be discontinued or sold out. This is where I admit a little OCD habit of mine. Fun Fact: I buy all my favorite products is three's or five's; unless it is just out of this world for me and I buy the whole tray (do not even judge me, I am unashamed!)

So now comes the time where I show you the products that I constantly have in the “refill drawer”.

1) Ruby Kisses Stix O' Miracle Lip Revitalizer. It started off as a random purchase in a beauty supply store. I saw this lip balm on the counter next to the cash register. The moment I applied it I was taken with how immediately soothed my lips felt. When I woke up in the morning my lips were super soft and moisturized. This is approximately two years ago and I have been hoarding it ever since.

2) Maybelline Touch of Spice Lipstick. It seems my favorite things are ones I simply stumble upon. I was walking past the Maybelline stand in a supermarket the day before I was going on vacation. Remembering I had no nude lipsticks, I just quickly chose a lipstick shade I thought looked cute enough. This turned out to be my all time favorite nude lipstick of all time. The texture is a soft matte, therefore it is very comfortable to wear. The colour has a slight pink undertone. To cut to the chase, no other nude lipstick has complimented my complexion like this one! Winner!

3) Absolute New York Radiant Cover Concealer. A large part of my job is to test various new products so I can write reviews for you beautiful people. When the brand Absolute New York came to these shores it was carried by many beauty supply stores so I decided to try some products. This concealer is the one that stuck. The coverage is full however it is not drying! I love using this under my eyes because who wants to look dry and crusty under there? I actually use this daily as opposed to foundation. I apply this to the center of my face (under eyes, middle of forehead, chin) then blend it out and set it with powder. My particular shade always seems to sell out so every time I see it anywhere I but the whole lot (ok maybe I am a little ashamed).

4) This next product is a relatively new obsession. A friend told me he loved the Dove Anti-Stress Micellar beauty bar (soap). I was like yea yea, I am tired of these hyped up products. I purchased one because I am nosy and I have never looked back! Amazing! It truly is a relaxing experience in the shower. The beauty bar lathers wonderfully, the aromatherapy aspect to it really does work! I love to start my day with this bar and currently have a drawer full of them.

5) Scented candles. I love love love them! Aromatherapy is a favorite of mine, it relaxes me. I enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine my candlelight. Also, who does not love the vibe of scented candles!

What are some of your favorites that you cannot live without?



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