Why I Love Self Care Sundays!

Yes I know you are busy and it is very easy to neglect yourself. Rookie mistake Beauties! Self care is extremely important and I will discuss with you why.

First of all, what is my definition of self care? Partaking in routines that maintain and fulfill you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We expend energy with everything we do. We give of ourselves to operate in certain roles like being a spouse or partner, at work, for friends etc. Self care is about pouring back into yourself; enabling you to unwind, reset and be ready to operate at your best for the week ahead.

The reason I chose Sundays is because it is best to have a dedicated day. Humans respond to routines and once we get into that routine it will be easier to stick to it. Sunday is perfect because it is a day off from work for most people and we can be settled and centered in time for Monday.

Self care looks different for everyone. Chose something that makes you relaxed and happy. You do not have to do the same things every week. I love to do various activities, I will actually choose something that relates directly to the week I have had. For example last week I worked out a lot so I did a foot soak for my self care routine. Sometimes I will do a face mask and watch a chick flick while it is drying. At times I just dedicate 30 minutes to write my deepest feelings in a journal.

I am thrilled with how much you Beauties enjoy my Self Care Sunday instagram posts and will continue to post them. Follow me at (@beautybydeeblackett) on instagram to see what I do each week and maybe get some inspiration of your own.



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