Skincare for the New Year!

What's that saying? Put you best face forward? Everyone wants to start their year soo fresh and soo clean and we are here to help you do just that!

This article is a true review of a combination of products I have been using for at least three months. The result is being able to step into 2019 super happy with my skin tone, texture and clarity.

I have been loving the Pure Clay Cleanser by L'Oreal. I use the one that is also exfoliating. I feel that deep cleanse, especially after wearing makeup. However it is by no means harsh or strips my skin of moisture excessively. The fact that it gently exfoliates everyday is wonderful because that is a step that I can cancel out of my routine.

Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Pore Perfecting Toning Mist

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!! This toning mist has given my skin absolute radiance and life! It was definitely a game changer in my routine. Giving my skin that hit hydration and vitamin c that I know helped with the clarity and healthy glow it now has. This mist smells amazing, is extremely refreshing and also eliminates having to use cotton rounds to apply it. I use it at night after I cleanse my face, let it absorb into the skin and then use my moisturizer of choice. Shout to @Knickknacks246 on instagram, Contact them if you want to purchase.

L'Oreal Hydra Genius for Normal/Dry Skin

I use this at night before bed. It is is light and refreshing and that hyaluronic acid that it contains keeps my skin hydrated through the night.

L'Oreal Hyrda Genius Extra Dry Skin Cream

Ok so this product is basically like the Hydra Genius moisturizer however it is thicker and heavier more like a balm. I imagine by Beauties that have to suffer through winter would benefit from this greatly on a daily basis. I love to use this after I do my bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar masks which are quite drying and extract a lot of toxins but also moisture along with it. This cream extra hydrating and has such a lovely soothing quality to it. I would also highly recommend it after a day at the beach.

Ponds Clarant B Moisturizer

This is a part of my holy grail of skincare by now. You Beauties know I have been using this for many years and I truly stand by it. This is my day time moisturizer, because it is light and contains sun protection. It also helps to clarify the skin and combat sun spots.

There you have it ladies! My everyday skin care routine. Look out for follow up articles on my favorite face masks and treatments.

Stay sweet!



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