5 Products You Need To Win At Fresh Faced Makeup

The no makeup makeup look is something we should all know how to master. Sometimes we just want to have a nice fresh face for work, or play. The products you use play a big role in the ability to execute this look, so I am going to give you my makeup must haves for when I want a quick, natural looking face beat.

1) It is definitely important to have a great priming combination in your routine. Use a light moisturizer and a mattifying primer to start your look.

2) Medium coverage foundation. I like to use liquid foundations because I can work them into the skin with my finger tips much like how I apply my moisturizer. This gives your foundation application a skin like finish.

3) Concealer. A must to spot conceal any blemishes and under eye circles. I actually will sometimes skip the foundation and only use concealer in this way.

4) Translucent powder. To set any area where I have used my concealer. These powders are essentially clear powders that do not place any additional colour to your application. The function of them is to set your liquid or cream into place.

5) Blush. I can literally hear some of you now. “This is supposed to be fresh faced makeup!” A light touch of blush will add some vitality to your skin. As I stated use a very light application with a fluffy brush and voila, subtle glow.

What are some of your favorite products to use for a fresh faced makeup look?



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