2019 Manifesto

And so we are here! What an accomplishment; just being blessed enough to be alive and be able to read this article is reason to give thanks people!

Optimism. That is the cornerstone for every endeavor this year. Last year we promised for it to be a very education oriented year and we have succeeded in launching new products that you Beauties thoroughly benefited from.

Our Micro Classes were a hit and will resume very soon. Beautified Consultations gave you ladies the understanding and knowledge to equip you to make better skin care choices. We have some more initiatives coming up for you Beauties so stay tuned.

So what is the Beauty by Dee Blackett focus this year you ask? The woman as a whole. The woman as a complex individual; multi-faceted, having to assume vast roles and all in one day. Our focus for 2019 is helping this woman not only present her best self to the world but feel like her best self. We are taking you with us on a journey of reinvention, beauty and balance. The new classes and programs we have conceptualized and produced will give you ladies the tools to dominate every arena while feeling grounded.

This year my first article is short and sweet. Stay locked to everything we have up our sleeve for you Beauties! 2019 is set to be a great year.



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