Save or Splurge? The Makeup Edition

Everyone knows makeup is expensive, however there are always ways to build a solid makeup kit whether personal or professional without breaking the bank. In this article I will give you my advice for allocating your money to get the most out of it when makeup shopping.

To start I will break this article down into categories but read closely as I will add some of my personal tips I picked up along the way to maximize my dollar even more.

Foundation & Concealer

Right off the bat I will say splurging on foundation and concealer is a yes for me. Pricier end products like these are made with higher quality ingredients, sometimes are combined with skincare and also tend to give a more flawless finish. If you are looking at a way to save for your personal use I recommend using a drugstore foundation for everyday use and have a high end one for special occasions.

Eye shadow

Splurge. Shadows last a long time, especially powder (pressed or pigments). Pricier shadows tend to have better colour pay off, usually blend better, and more vibrancy. I say shelling out a bit more cash for a high quality eye shadow palette or even singles I always worth it. I have shadows that have been in my personal for 5 years and they are still top notch and going strong.


Save. While there are some high end lipsticks that are simply amazing in a pinch I would opt to save on them. You Beauties know I am a total lipstick lover so my drawer is bursting with lipsticks with price points across the board. You can get some very good quality lipsticks that are moderately and more affordably priced. My advice is to follow suit with how you can purchase foundations; have more affordable ones for everyday and then have some high end ones for special occasions.

Lip gloss

Save. I love love love a nice glossed lip however I can't say I would ever splurge on a lip gloss. I use glosses as lipstick toppers or alone for a more natural beautiful look. It is also inevitable to have to reapply them throughout the day; meaning you end up using more product and its more high maintenance. Therefore I prefer to purchase super affordable glosses.


Save. There are too many drugstore brands that have amazing mascara for me to dish out a lot of cash for high end mascara. Look for a formula that works well for you (eg. Waterproof), and pay attention to the claims like does it lengthen, make lashes appear fuller etc. Then you know what mascara to choose.

What are your thoughts? What do you Beauties like to splurge or save on? I want to know!



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