Dee's Take: True Review of BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz Brush Set

Everyone loves a good makeup brush and I decided to purchase this set after seeing them online for quite sometime. Brushes really play a big role in your makeup application and whether it is a hit or a miss. Naturally I had to review this set for you Beauties so enjoy the read!

The first thing you notice about these brushes is simply how so very pretty they are. I have put these in my personal kit as I prefer a more uniformed look for my professional kit (black handles). The pink and white marble on these handles is absolutely girly and gorgeous. I love the length of the handles as well. Brushes with slightly longer handles tend to feel a bit more luxurious while using them.

The bristles are synthetic. This is a big win for me because I always prefer synthetic (man made) bristles over natural. Back in the day people chose natural bristles like badger etc because of the softness. All hail technology because now synthetic brushes are made with high quality and softness just like natural one. Another plus is synthetic bristles work well with creams, liquids, powders and gels. You can use them for any of your makeup formulas; making them even better for multi-tasking.

I know the ultimate win for you animal lovers out there....synthetic means cruelty free!

Buying brush sets also takes the hassle of building your own brush set with singles. This is great for those of you who are not professionals and may not know what to purchase right off the bat. In my opinion it is a pretty solid starter set comprised of nine brushes; four for face and five for eyes.

Surprise! I purchased two of these babies! Each person that schedules and attends a Beautified Consultation will be entered in a draw for a chance to win this set!

Stay pretty kids!



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