5 Makeup Routine Time Savers

Time waits for no one, even for us to do a bit of makeup in the morning! This blog post is for you super busy Beauties who still want to look polished for the day ahead.

Keep your routine simple. On days when I have less time that usual I skip foundation and spot conceal the areas that need a little help ( under eye and blemishes). I then set with a translucent powder, apply blush and setting spray. I opt for a fresh faced look.

Moisturize right out of the shower. You have to give your skin time to absorb the product before applying foundation or concealer. So moisturizing right out the shower, then drying off and getting ready maximizes your time.

Leave the eye shadow alone. Unless you have ninja blending skills; opt out of trying to create an eye shadow look when you are particularly pressed for time.

Keep those holy grail products at hand. We all have products we love and that work well together. They never let you down. Keep that group together to apply your basic makeup when in a pinch.

Pick a focus. This is for the times when you want more impact and have slightly more time. Choose a feature you want to accentuate and spend most time on it. Eyes, complexion or a bold lip. This way you look a little more glam at a fraction of the time.

What are some of your time saving tips?



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