Let's Talk Sun Protection!

Well folks those mega hot days are here again! It is also the time of year where we all go to the beach a little more or engage in those summertime activities and also show a bit more skin.

This is not the time to skin your sunscreen kids! Consistent sun protection is very important because sun damage occurs over time and can lead to skin cancer.

I always advise you Beauties to use a daytime facial moisturizer with SPF; yes even if you are putting your makeup on over it. Another side effect of sun damage is premature aging and we all know nobody wants that! We want to keep our skin as healthy and radiant as possible for as long as possible.

Be sure to use a sunscreen on your arms and legs if exposed. Look for a light-weight, fast absorbing formula so your skin doesn't feel sticky. Formulas like this make it more comfortable to wear every day. I have been testing the Neutrogena Beach Defense in Broad Spectrum SPF 70. The formula is oil free and very pleasant to wear everyday. The high SPF ensures my skin is protected and I love that it fast absorbing.

Do you Beauties pay attention to sun protection? What are some of your favorite products?



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