Brand Highlight: Absolute New York

In a cosmetic world where big brand names are automatically seen as superior; Brand Highlights are a new series that explores makeup and skincare brands or products that I believe deserve a much more recognition. Brands that may not have an exorbitant price tag or carried in large department stores.

Absolute New York is one of the brands I discovered in a local hair store and I have not been disappointed. Admittedly I have not used their whole line but I will review my personal favorites, some of which I must ALWAYS have in my makeup bag.

Super Slim Eyebrow Pencils

I love theses brow pencils, although there are many like them on the market the price makes them very competitive. The design of pencils like these make it easy to fill in your brows on the go. Brush on one end and super slim point on the other; a precise neat brow is simple to create. The formula is a little waxier than most which I enjoy because the result is more natural in my opinion.

Velvet Lippie

I have a love/hate relationship with these lip creams. I love them because they are highly pigmented, come in beautiful shades, very comfortable to wear, build nicely and the price is amazing. I hate the fact that my favorite shades are almost never available. That being said they are the perfect everyday lipstick.

Radiant Cover Concealer

This product MUST be in my makeup bag at ALL TIMES. I decided to try this on a whim and I never looked back. Lightweight formula with amazing coverage. This concealer blends out to look like luminous healthy skin. Absolute Radiant Cover is my go-to for conceal under eye discoloration.

You can find these products locally in beauty supply stores #1 Beauty Supply and Paradise Beauty.

If you have tried these products let me know in the comments section what you think!



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