Four Makeup Resolutions!

It’s time for the mid-year check-in people! Yes I know it is a tad early but a head start never hurt anyone.

Just like with any other resolution I am sure at the beginning of the year everyone vowed to pay more attention to their skin care, or promised to use some of that makeup that’s been sitting in the cabinet. As the weeks roll on we get comfortable or lapse with our resolutions. So now it has come to this…..Let’s shake things up and reiterate these resolutions, then try to stick to them throughout the upcoming months.


I hereby resolve to pay very close attention to my skincare! You guys know I am all about taking care of my skin however a few months ago I suffered with a horrible bout of breakouts. The horrid thing is I tend to pick at zits, which is disgusting because of germs! From here on out I will have a concerted effort to keep my fingers off my face lol. I will also stick to my routine of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.


I will wear eye makeup more often. It is no secret that my life is super busy and my go to routine is perfecting my complexion makeup and sporting a bright/bold lipstick. Therefore I promise to dust off my eyeshadow palettes and let’s up the ante; my pigments as well! Eye makeup looks here I come!


I promise to explore other lipstick colours. My fail safe is red. Red lipstick has my heart so I have all shades, finishes and brands. In the coming months you will see me experimenting with more lipstick colours.


Finally I pledge to shop my stash more. The makeup and skincare industry is fast moving, you Beauties know this fact all too well. There is always a new launch around the corner and curiosity always kills the cat. We amass tons of products and do not use half of it. So, I am going to shop my stash more; use products that I have not been using just because I am stuck in a makeup rut.

Those are my makeup resolutions for the next upcoming months. What are yours?



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