The Three Face Brushes You Need

All makeup brushes are not equal, but we aren’t here to discuss brands. I want to guide you to the three types of brushes every Beauty should have in their makeup arsenal to ensure a flawless complexion makeup application.

First off I would like to state that my preference for brushes is synthetic. They are soft, durable and can be used to blend both liquid and powder beautifully.

Buffing Brush. To be honest for liquid foundation self-application is prefer to use my fingertips to massage it into my skin. While working on clients or using cream foundation, I can’t live without this brush. It buffs the product into the skin, and the rounded shape allows it to get into the curves of the face. Bonus: Clients love the feel of it and say it feels like a relaxing face massage.

Fluffy Powder Brush. Forget about using those sponges that come in your compact to apply your face powder. Fluffy powder brushes apply a beautiful, soft, even application. Tip: Use the brush to press the powder over your liquid or cream foundation, then blend. This creates a smooth application.

Medium sized Blush Brush. Okay are you Beauties ready? This is my personal tip for how I use a blush brush other than to apply blush. I like to use them to apply translucent powder to set the under-eye concealer. I opt for this every single time over a damp beauty sponge. These brush fit well under the eye and much like the face powder; this applies an even application that is light and natural looking.

You can also use this brush to apply you powder highlight.

These brushes are a staple in both my kit and personal makeup bag. The way to hack having to tote about loads of brushes or unnecessarily expense yourself is to find ways to multi-task the use of your tools and products.

What makeup brushes do you love the most?



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