What Makeup Means to Me

I saw this topic somewhere online and thought that I need to do my own version! Makeup means soo much to me and I have no idea why I never thought to do a post like this before.

I always say I did not choose the name of my company flippantly. Beauty can not only be exterior but of course also referring to the inner person. I chose that name for my makeup artistry business because I view makeup as a tool to not only enhance ones outer beauty. It is proven to lift your spirit, make you feel more confident and fierce depending on the look.

As a teenager the first makeup product I owned besides lip gloss was a Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. That florescent green and pink tube will always hold a special place in my heart. I described it in my book “The Caribbean Woman’s Cosmetic Culture” as ‘my own personal unicorn’. Transforming this girl with virtually no eyelashes to a somewhat decently lashed individual. I still remember how that made me feel. Don’t get me wrong I in no way hated myself but the fact that there was a product that I could use to give me the effect of what I wanted was empowering and made me happy.

‘Making up’ is like the adult woman’s version of playing dress up, it is also a connector. I love the beauty community. I love planning events and seeing women of all ages, races and backgrounds gush over their favorite lipstick or even share tips about products they love or hate.

Education is big for me. Teaching ladies how to best use a particular product, what works in our weather, how to choose the right formulas for their skin type and everything in between genuinely satisfies me. Why? I get to help others to feel the same empowerment I felt, while eliminating some of the trial and error I had to go through.

So now I want to know what makeup means to you! What are some of your favorite products? What is your favorite part of the makeup process?



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