What Makes an Eyeshadow Palette Great?

What Makes an Eyeshadow Palette Great?

Eyeshadow is one of those cosmetics that can easily cause anxiety because there are soo many to choose from. However all palettes are not equal; let me give you some tips on choosing a great palette that will give you bang for your buck and can be used every day.

1. Colour. I always suggest going with earth tones. These colours look great on everyone and can be used to create looks both suitable for work or a night out. If you can find a palette with earthy colours but also a couple brighter shades like purple or even pink; you’ve scored.

2. Textures. Try to find a palette that has a mix of both mattes and shimmers. This increases the number of looks you can achieve. Mattes do not contain any sparkle whatsoever, they are just flat colour. You can choose to use this texture on its own or pair it with a shimmery eye shadow (on the eyelid for example) to add more dimension to a look.

3. Payoff. Be sure to test or swatch eyeshadows before purchasing. You want good quality that shows up well upon application. Mattes should be nice and blend-able and shimmers should be buttery almost and adhere to the skin without primer. This is necessary because the better the performance, the less product you have to use, therefore saving you money honey!

Some of my favorite palettes are from Juvia’s Place, Morphe and Smashbox.

What are some of your favorite palettes?



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