What’s So Important About Brows?

If you were to ask me what I would do if I had only 2 minutes to do my makeup, one thing I would never forsake is filling in my brows. While I am resentful that I was basically born with none, I have to admit that even if I was blessed with luscious brows like my sister I would still make sure they are on point.

Here are some reasons getting your brow game on point should not be overlooked.

They frame your face. I am sure you notice the big difference when you fill you brows in. Facial structure is often referred to when talking about makeup application. Brows help to add structure, while adding a groomed finish to your overall look.

Thin, sparse brows age you. Filling in your brows to create a natural but full look produces the appearance of youth.

Some of you find this kind of daunting but you need not be overwhelmed. There are loads of products on the market to suit your needs whether you have to only add a little depth or to create whole brow shape. Your choice in product would also vary depending on your skill set. A pretty safe option for beginners to intermediate level, and a choice for many pro’s in the micro brow pencil. The slim point is great for creating hair like stokes and it is precise. The mess of pomades or waxes is non-existent; and a plus is most of these pencils are designed with brushes on the end which is perfect for the lady on the go. You can find these pencils across many brands like NYX, MAC, Absolute New York and more.

Practice makes perfect ladies! I promise you once you get the swing of it you will be filling in your brows as a part of your morning routine with ease!

What are some of your favorite brow products? Do you find this part of your makeup routine hard?



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