Beauty by Dee Blackett 2018 Manifesto

We made it into 2018! What an awesome accomplishment and I’m soo thrilled to have each and every one of you Beauties here with me! This year is very special to me, Beauty by Dee Blackett will celebrate 7 years of operation this summer. My favorite number; 7 denotes perfection and completeness, something we will never achieve but this gives us something to keep working towards. What brings me soo much joy is striving each day to bring you our best. So now I present to you our manifesto for this year.

My main concern with every initiative is that you Beauties receive the very best we have to offer. Be it a makeup session, a workshop, seminar or even these blogposts. I want you ladies to go away feeling like it was more than worth your time and/or money.

This year will feature some new programs that my team and I have worked tirelessly to conceptualize and produce. We have a heavy focus on education and sharing the most knowledge we can. A close knit community of beauty lovers is what I enjoy fostering. I want every woman and young girl to feel confident in not only her makeup choices but confidence in herself at the core.

I will welcome you into my Beauty family and promise this year will be filled with more interaction, deeper insight into my company culture. I will show you why I do what I do and vow to lead by example. I want to assure you Beauties of my support. To be the person in the industry I wish existed when I was first breaking into it. If there is one person who knows how daunting, scary and sometimes lonely it can be it’s me. I’m smiling while I type this because it warms my heart and I am excited to be here to encourage you.

Beauties! 2018 is going to be a good one. We have soo much work to do.

Much love


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