True Review: Ottoman Turquoise Wipes!

Ottoman Turquoise Wet Wipes by Compact are my absolute fave! I love them soo much I decided to retail them and you ladies gave these wipes some rave reviews. I want to give you a little background on these and my own review as to why I had to have them as a staple in my makeup kit, my car and for you to purchase.

It all started back in May when I carried them to the Bahamas with me while I was on vacation. The package is large (120 wipes) and not my first choice for travel, however I wanted to waste no time in trying them. The first thing I noticed was the smell; a lovely soft tropical scent. Not over bearing but more on the soothing side. The texture is soft but durable.

I took the opportunity on that holiday to try various makeup looks that I do not have time to create in my everyday life. Therefore I used the wipes to remove my makeup for the 2 weeks that I was there…and never stopped. I like to pair it with either my waterproof Garnier Micellar Water or Ponds Cold Cream when removing my makeup. One wipe does the job, feels luxurious against my skin and the smell adds a spa like experience.

To be clear these are wet wipes that can also be used to remove makeup, therefore I keep them in my car as well.

When I returned to Barbados my first move was to ensure I retail these wipes! You ladies know when I find something I truly adore I spread the love. The reviews have made my heart swell, I am soo happy you love them too!

What are your favorite wet wipes?



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