True Review: Colourpop Aventurine Crystal Setting Spray

Setting sprays are a makeup must have for a natural skin-like finish and also to ensure the longevity of your masterpiece.

When I saw that Colourpop added them to their cosmetic line, I just had to get my hands on one. I ordered mine locally from an online store that can be found via Instagram called Beauty Hub (@beautyhub_bds) for $25 BDS. If you are US based you can order straight from the Colourpop website.

First let’s talk packaging. I love Colourpop’s packaging and this hasn’t disappointed. The box is beautiful and although slightly heavy I quite like the fact that it is a glass bottle. Contains 1.86 oz.

This setting spray boasts;

A soft mint coloured setting spray to help protect the skin and provide long lasting wear.

Contains: • Aventurine Crystal • Film former to help keep make up in place • Cucumber water to calm irritated or tired looking skin • Lemon extract to boost Vitamin C and reduce free radicals on the skin • Honey extract to reduce oil production on the skin • Coconut Water to boost hydration • Refreshing cucumber fragrance

Colourpop website

Immediately my skin felt cool and soothed as I sprayed this on my face after my full makeup application. The formula has a soft refreshing smell and I love the fact that it does not make my face feel tight like other settings sprays.

I have worn this on some of the most sweltering days here in Barbados, and also tested it with various foundations, concealers and powders. The verdict is this is a new favorite and definitely professional kit worthy. My makeup looked fresh and was totally locked into place by this spray. The refreshing cucumber fragrance gives this a lush spa type aromatherapy element, and the packaging while breakable is easy to clean for you pro makeup artists.

If you are here in Barbados give Beauty Hub a message on Instagram. If you are US based do not lag on ordering your spray.

What are some of your favorite setting sprays and why do you like them? Comment, I wanna know!



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