Makeup MVP’s of Summer ‘17

This summer was undeniably a scorcher and also filled to the brim with events, therefore makeup had to be chosen carefully to ensure longevity. Every season there are also products that people all gravitate to; a particular lip colour, eyeshadow look or even glitter. In this post I will reveal this summer’s most valuable players in makeup arena!

Let’s start with the base. Every long wearing makeup application has to start with good skin prep. For you ladies with oily skin the Mehron Skin Prep is an absolute must have. It is a toner that dramatically helps with oil production. This toner works well with every foundation I have tested.

In this climate powder is your friend. It is imperative that you set both cream or liquid foundations and concealers with a setting powder. This helps to lock your makeup in place. I have already sung the praises of this powder far and wide however it must be mentioned again. The RCMA translucent setting powder is THE BEST hands down for me. I can use it on every single complexion and a light dust immediately sets even the most emollient of bases.

For lipstick love, the red lip reigned supreme. From various fetes and events to the final jump for Grand Kadooment, my go-to red lippie was Always Red by Sephora. I’m sure you readers are sick of me swooning over this but hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Party season just isn’t the same without a touch of glitter. There was one in particular that captured the hearts of everyone! ‘California Soul’ by Lit Cosmetics is amazing and

described as “Orange Coral shimmer with Yellow Sparks”. This glitter looked gorgeous over golds, peaches and even purples to add dimension and that extra ‘wow’ factor to a look. On Kadooment day we even added a light dusting of it over the cheekbones for a dazzling highlight!

These were a few of our favorite things makeup wise this summer. Comment and let us know the products that saved your summer!



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