True Review: Maybelline New York Blur + Illuminate Primer

Complexion makeup is the cornerstone of any beautiful makeup look; further to that primer is pivotal. Everyone has a different skin type so you need to purchase the primer that is right for you. I have dry to normal skin, therefore I do not typically use matte primers. However I do live in the tropics, where heat and humidity most days are brutal. So what I need is something that smooths my skin, adds longevity to my foundation but that will also stand up to the weather here in Barbados.

For about three weeks I have been using the Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime in the Blur + Illuminate formula. Admittedly I am usually in an air conditioned environment, however I was sure to wear this out and about on days where I had to brave the heat….the things I do for you guys…lol.

A trick with primers is never to overdo it, a pea sized amount is usually adequate. The Blur + Illuminate formula has a light pink appearance and I could immediately see a luminous quality to it. When I massaged this primer into the skin using my fingertips, I had a good feeling that it would help with oil production. The silky smooth texture suggested it contained a silicone compound, which I confirmed after with research. The result before my foundation and concealer was primed and glowing skin. Let me be clear here; not greasy or shiny, simply a beautiful glow like it woke up the skin. I would definitely wear this on its own on days that I need a break from all the makeup layers.

With my complexion makeup all done, I saw a slight difference. The finish was a subtle, healthy glow to my makeup. When I stepped outside I got more compliments than usual and people asked me what I used on my skin. This is always a fantastic sign because people attributed the glow to skincare (which is highly important and not to be overlooked) and not necessarily makeup.

At the time of my test I was insanely busy, I wore this primer with a number of various foundation formulas and brands. It totally stood the test of our humid weather, lasted from early morning till late night and played well with others products.

All in all I am happy with this formula and you ladies know anything I can do to increase ‘the glow up’ is a plus in my books!

These primers can be found locally on various Maybelline stands island wide!

What are your favorite primers?



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