My Mascara of the Moment

Mascara will always have a special space in my heart. It was the very first cosmetic product I have ever used.

Described in my book, 'The Caribbean Woman's Cosmetic Culture' as "my own personal unicorn". It is magical and beyond the nostalgia, it gives me some semblance of actually having eyelashes.

Needless to say I'm a mascara junkie and I hardly try different ones. Once I fall for one I fall hard. The last one I could not function without was L'Oreal Ms. Manga mascara. Then I was given Maybelline The Falsies Angel Push Up Mascara. When I first pulled the brush up my reaction was "what the hell is this stick, are you kidding me?" Life changed. Look at the brush, this is pivotal.

This brush literally a magnet....each and every eyelash. Even if you basically have no lashes, much like myself. As soon as I used it I immediately felt and saw the difference. It coats each eyelash like a dream, therefore this is also the perfect brush for bottom defining bottom lashes.

The formula does not disappoint. Waterproof stays put, it is not flaky when dry and you can layer coats easily without clumps. The Falsies Angel Push Up Mascara is a definite win and is going on my stockpile list (I buy items I can't live without in 3's and put them in my back up drawer).

Look for these babies in various iMart locations, Massy Stores and Collins Pharmacy.

What's you mascara of the moment? Leave a comment, I wanna know!



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