Ten Minute Makeup Routine

I cannot remember any point in my life that I had less time than I do now. As a result I have had to seriously cut my makeup routine down to the essentials and get into the habit of creating an everyday look that is simple, pretty and will last the whole day.

Here is my step by step routine that I have gotten down to a 10 minute application time.

  1. Moisturize cleansed face. At the moment I am using Ponds Clarant B face cream. I love it because it absorbs quickly while helping to maintain a clear complexion.

  2. Prime. I spray my face with Sacha Cosmetics setting spray. I use this as a primer and I realized that it works just as good as a traditional primer. It is a lighter application therefore saving time.

3. Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation in Toffee. Liquid foundations work soo well with a quick routine because I massage a small amount into my skin with my fingertips just as I do with my moisturizer. I really love this application method; it is quick and produces a natural finish.

4. Concealer. I conceal my under eye area with an opaque liquid concealer this allows me to skip the colour correction step. Choose one that has peachy undertones like Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer.

5. Powder. Use highlighting powder like Sacha Buttercup for my under eye area, middle of forehead and chin. Then apply my normal face powder on the remaining parts of my face.

6. Brows. Slim retractable brow pencils are pivotal! They allow me to create precise, natural looking lines to fill in my brows. This saves soo much time by not having to use a concealer to clean them up. Be sure to get a pencil that has a brush on the other end.

7. Highlight and Blush. Now that my skin is perfected it's time to add some life to it! I use a golden highlight powder on the high points of my cheekbones, middle of forehead, chin and tip of my nose. Then lightly blend a coral or plum coloured blush on my cheeks.

8. Lip time! Bold lipsticks are a great way to add drama to a mostly neutral look. You choose whether you want to go matte or glossy, keeping in mind that mattes last longer and are generally less maintenance.

9. Mascara/Strip Lashes. Depending on if I have an extra couple of minutes I will add a pair of strip eyelashes. Strips are great because you can just pop them on and boom...drama! I will usually just use a generous coating of my favorite mascara.

10. Set. Finally I mist my whole face with that setting spray again and I'm out the door!

I know this seems like a lot of steps but when you get the hang of it I can assure you it is the easy way to create a lovely makeup look for everyday.

What products do you like to use to create your everyday looks?



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