Get Up & Live Right Now: Energy is Everything

All of us have gone through feeling drained and perhaps discouraged when spending time with particular people. It is not hard to understand why limiting interaction with these types of people is necessary for your own well-being.

I remember having a conversation with someone who lamented that they do not know their tribe, they do not feel like they really have any kindred spirits. What must be kept in mind is you have to be true to yourself. How can the people who will truly speak to your soul connect with you if you only show a persona? Admittedly we have various roles to play in life, parents, employee, employer, spouse. However essentially you have to strive to be authentic. Then the people that are attracted to your energy and vice versa can form a true connection.

For your mental and emotional health it is imperative to spend time with not only like minded individuals but true friends who you know want the best for you. Please do not mistake these for people who will go along with whatever you want or tell you what tickles your ears. I am talking about your tribe. The type of people that challenge you; they hold you by a certain standard and are not afraid to tell you when you are slipping. Trustworthy; you can confide in them knowing that your secrets are safe. Keep you inspired; believe in your dreams and remind you of them when you have lost faith in your ability to achieve them.

It must also be noted that we must appreciate this interaction cannot be one sided. We have to be there for others, be encouraging and sometimes just a listening ear. Most times caring for others helps us to in turn feel better about ourselves.

Energy is everything. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Keep your kindred spirits close.

This is my last article in this series dedicated to mental and emotional wellness and inspiration. I am soo happy about the feedback and also input on this series. Until next time; live, love and be happy!



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