Get Up & Live Right Now: The Inspiration Block

The dreaded wall. What happens when we have been putting in the work and being disciplined but deadlines are looming and nothing is coming to mind? That creative block or wall can be soo daunting. believe me when I tell you the wall and I are old friends.

One of my favorite inspirational writers Mel Robbins asserts that the reason we procrastinate is that our brains are stressed. When I came across this notion it just clicked to me. That's exactly what it is. That halt in inspiration and the feelings of being overwhelmed are a direct result of stress. A truly formidable opponent.

How do we push past? Stare at the computer screen? No. Sleep? Maybe. My best advice is to simply walk away. You need to distance yourself from the task at hand. Our level of productivity, our emotional and mental health are all woven together. Therefore when productivity drops, this is when we have to get back to basics.

Get outside. I find the outdoors so good for this. You get fresh air; go for a walk on the beach, a jog or a swim but get that blood circulation up and at the same time relieve stress. Take the opportunity to disconnect from the impending deadlines you have to meet.

Pamper yourself. I have a whole article on my DIY (do it yourself) spa night. The reason you are procrastinating is because your brain stressed. You need to have some down time to rejuvenate. Click this link which takes you straight to that post.

Sleep. Some people view this as a bad thing. I can say some of the best ideas I have had occurred to me after a nice restful nap.

The point is give whatever project you are working on some distance. Focus on yourself and your well-being. One of my favorite fitness coaches says if you're feeling winded rest but not longer than you have to. This same principle applies here. Do what you have to do to reset but then it's time to get to work.



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