Get Up & Live Right Now: Plan Productivity

Everyone aspires to their minds. The question is how do we take these dreams and convert them into something tangible? One reason we feel stuck is the space between the conception of these plans and the end result seems too daunting. It can be overwhelming, then we procrastinate because stress takes hold.

How do we become productive? Plan. Nothing just happens; you have to make a concerted effort to bring a creation to life. Get up and live right now!

  • I am a big advocate for writing things down. No, not documenting things in your electronic device. Getting a book (what I call a dream book), and writing down your dreams. Try to envision what you want as the end product of an idea. The best possible production, imagine what it would be like if money and resources were not an option. Write it down.

  • Fill in the gap. List what you need to do to accomplish these goals.

  • Break it all down. Create micro goals and timelines. Write down what little goal you need to achieve in order to reach a bigger milestone that will get you closer to bringing the whole picture into fruition. It is pivotal to give yourself a deadline or date by which you must get these things accomplished.

  • Before bed plan how you want your day to go tomorrow. Look at what micro goals you want to accomplish. This step works wonders because you remove anxiety about what the next day holds, while wiring your brain to be excited about you waking up in the morning. No sleeping in, we have goals to smash!

I am by no means saying this is easy. It takes commitment and dedication however when you take the time to map out your course it relieves anxiety, gets your dreams out of your head and into the real world.

Now let's get to work!



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