Get Up & Live Right Now: Part 1

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

We all know when it's the worst of times it can feel very stifling and claustrophobic. I assure you guys at some point we all feel stuck. The question is 'how do we move past it'? For everyone it is very different however I can give you some tips on things you can do to put your foot forward in the right direction.

“Get out of your head, it's nice out here!”

A line from one of my favorite movies speaks to the danger of overthinking. Many times I have to remind myself of this. Overthinking is the root of all self torture.....well most of it. Our imagination can be our worst enemy; conjuring up unnecessary fears and scenarios that usually do not happen. In our minds we magnify situations to a ridiculous extent and that causes stress and that my friends causes us to freeze and wallow in our self inflicted misery.

The worse thing anyone call tell an over thinker however is to stop overthinking. Coming from a fellow over-thinker I come to you and meet you from a point of understanding and say “breathe”. Take a deep breath, sometimes you may have to write your feelings down. It does not have to be linear, have rhyme or reason. Just write or type exactly how you feel; this is called stream of consciousness writing. Write and walk away. Then come back when you aren't feeling frenzied and read with a view to understanding yourself. I promise you what you will read will be put into perspective and you will see your worst fears are not half as big and you have let them grow in your mind.

Then you plan. You look for patterns in situations or people that are not contributing to your well being. There is always a reason. When you have your thoughts and feelings in front of you it is easier to be critical in a productive way. I always say “it isn't enough to just go through life, you have to navigate your life”. That means you have to be strategic, you have to plan to a healthy extent. What we are doing right now is consciously eliminating stress factors. When these are identified you can start to create a ideal space for your emotional health. A space where you are comfortable, healthy and inspired.

I am excited to post the other three articles in this series so stayed tuned people!



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