DIY At Home Spa Night

Everyone's dream is to start the work week refreshed and ready to take on the world. Let's be real with ourselves....In most cases that hope is like a mirage in the desert. However there is somethings we can do to get us much closer to that goal. I do an at home spa night a couple weekends a month. It leaves you not only feeling pampered, but relaxed and ensures a great nights sleep. These are the steps to my do it yourself spa night.

1. Starting with a cleansed face, I apply my favorite at home clay mask that I make with bentonite clay power and water. I love this mask because it pulls out all the toxins in my face. Please avoid the delicate eye area however be sure to smooth the paste down onto your neck.

2. It takes 30 minutes about for the mask to dry. In that time I sit and soak my feet in a mixture of warm water,

epsom salts, lavender and peppermint oil. The salts rejuvenate tired muscles while the peppermint oil adds a refreshing tingle and the soothing lavender oil adds a aromatherapy element to this foot soak.

3. When the mask has hardened on my face I then hop into the shower to wash the mask off. I use either my current favorite body scrub or I make one by adding organic brown sugar to my body wash. This gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells, helps with circulation and it smells wonderful! Bonus tip: light some scented candles and place them on your bathroom sink while you shower.

4. Next I apply eye gel pads and a nose strip. At the point I look like a monster but follow what I telling you people! The eye gel strips soothe my under eye area and applies a moisturizing serum. The nose strips remove white heads.

5. The clay mask removed toxins but it also removed moisture therefore it is vital to moisturize heavily. So after removing the eye gels and the nose strip I moisturize with a heavy moisturizer like the Ponds cream for dry skin. I also apply a soothing lip balm.

There you have it folks! My DIY at home spa routine. I promise you after this you will sleep soundly and wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated. Try it out and let me know what you think!



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