The Best Foundation Tool of All Time!

I enjoy sharing these exclusive tips with you beautiful subscribers to my website. Let's cut to it I know you are just anxious to find out about this foundation tool. I guarantee you whether you prefer liquid or cream foundation this will be the game changer in how thoroughly and beautifully it is blended into your skin. Any guesses? Your fingers! Yes ladies, your fingers are the best tool you could own for really pushing and blending your foundation into the skin. Please be sure to always do this with clean hands.

The advantages are:-

  1. Brushes and sponges tend to absorb extra product. Using your fingers lets you use only the amount you require. Therefore it saves you money.....that you could spend on more makeup!

  2. Using your fingers allows the warmth from your body to help melt the foundation and it pushes it into the skin so when you are done blending it looks like skin and not something sitting on top of your own skin.

  3. Providing your nails are not very long you can easily work that foundation into places that your sponge or brush may not be able to blend as thoroughly and quickly.

Bonus Tip: When working around the eye area especially the under eye please be very gentle. Use your ring finger to blend concealer under your eye area because this finger applies the least pressure of all.

Until next time ladies!



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