L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation Review

Everyone knows I am a sucker for a good foundation. It is the cornerstone of any stunning makeup look and if all else can be done, beautiful complexion is always a win.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Conceal Concealers took the makeup world by storm in the last few years. For many including myself they became a staple in my makeup bag. Opaque, blends out well, lightweight, comes in a wide shade range and last but not least they are a very affordable price point. Understandably when the brand released their Pro Coverage Illuminating foundation, all makeup enthusiasts where eager to get their hands on them.

Like their concealer counterparts the foundations boast an impressive shade range and a great price point. I purchased mine in the shade Warm Caramel. While it is slightly too dark for me at present it is perfect for after a beach day! This foundation has a lot of pros so let me list them.

1. Very pigmented. A small amount goes a long way in coverage. Compared to other foundations where I have to use two pumps...(another bonus, it has a pump!), I can get away with using one pump of this product.

2. Blends nicely. With my own foundation application I use my fingers to blend and massage makeup into this skin. This formula feels creamy and blends beautifully into the skin.

3. Photographs well. One of the biggest tests is how makeup reads on camera. Dare I say this is one of my favorite foundations for photographs.

The one thing that could be a downfall for oily complexions is it is quite emollient or creamy so I would be careful in that regard. You ladies with oil skin be sure to prime with a mattifying primer first.

There you have it; my thoughts on the new L.A. Girl Foundation. What do you ladies think about it?



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