Top 5: The Lipstick Edition

Welcome to a new quarterly series where I list my top 5 favorite products in any given category. Today I present to you my best of the best in lipsticks. These are my absolute favorites, old faithfuls, ride or dies when it comes to my lipstick game.

First things first; what is the criteria to join the club of the crème de la crème in my makeup bag? Good colour pay off, blendability, longevity and comfort. I assure you folks every single one of these lipsticks lives up to the hype I am about to unleash, all while looking stunning and resulting in heaps of compliments every...single...time!

1. Dollup Beauty Dollips Liquid Matte Lip Spread in “Goddess” #104. A neutral mauve shade.

This brand boasts 10 hour smudge proof wear time while keeping the lips hydrated. I can vouch for this through and through, therefore it is one of my go to lipsticks. I can rest assured that it will last through a meal without having to re-apply readily.

2. Sacha Cosmetics Intense Matte Lip Velvet in “I'm in the Nude”. A dark brown nude with red undertones.

This particular colour is gorgeous on may skin tone but because it is darker in colour it will also look beautiful on darker tones. One of soldiers in my cosmetic bag. I can always rely on this shade in spite of what I am wearing or my makeup that day. It goes with everything. The formula is superb as well; non-drying, does not transfer and comfortably lightweight on the lips. Even Chinese takeout has nothing on this smudge proof formula. A winner!

3 .Sacha Cosmetics Intense Matte Lip Velvet in “Pass The Money”. True blue based red.

I have done a previous post about how much I adore this lipstick. It is the perfect red. Makes your teeth appear whiter, long wearing, comfortable on the lips and basically everything I need in life. I think I just may be in love people!

4. Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stick in “Chateau”. Described as a blackened red.

The Matte X formula of the Colourpop lippie sticks is a ultra lightweight formula in the form on a regular lipstick. The first time I tried them I was super impressed by how lightweight they were but also by the intense opacity and smooth application. Two words; like butter. This shade has to be the single most complimented lipstick I have work for the past year. Just when I think people are tired of seeing it on my social media, I post a photo and everyone loses their minds again. **Confession** I have three back ups of these stashed I'm not sharing.

5. OCC Lip Tar in “Synth”. Described as a true rose gold shimmer.

I have to admit I do not own this personally. I have it in my pro kit. However I had to list this because it is a must have, a game changer to any nude lip. I use this as a nude lip topper to give extra dimension and drama to any nude lip. Having used this on a cross section of complexions I have to say it is above amazing. Safe to say I will be acquiring this again very soon for my kit and upping the ante for myself.

There you have it folks! This quarters Top 5: The Lipstick Edition. Comment below, tell me your lipstick loves!



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