Hello 2017! Shifting Priorities & Refocusing Energies

Congratulations, if you are reading this you have made it! You are one of the Beauties that survived 2016 and now it is your chance to start fresh. Some of us start with a little bewilderment. Some start with a mountain of resolutions and plans that for abandoned in a couple months. So here is the question; how do we let go of anything holding us back? How do we articulate all the things we really want to achieve this year?

How do we keep that fire burning?

This is where the phrase 'shifting priorities and refocusing energies' comes in. We all have to do this at some point in time. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I do this with the goal of regaining balance, while integrating the things into my routine that will enable me to reach my goals. Here are some tips:-

  1. Detox. Get rid of anything you do not need. This spans from your wardrobe to files on your laptop. A spring cleaning of your life if you will.

  2. Nest. Make your surroundings conducive to productivity. If it is your home office make it tidy, functional, good lighting etc. If it is your bedroom make it comfortable and relaxing. Add more pillows, or maybe some aromatherapy candles. Anything that makes you feel at ease.

  3. Reflect. It is the key to staying grounded and focused. Think about what you did not like about the past year. Not with the intention of getting down on yourself and harping. Look at things objectively, change your mindset into one of learning from mistakes made, analyzing them and improving upon them.

  4. Plan. Now that you have taken stock of your life; write down your plans and goals. Then do a breakdown into micro goals that are realistic and achievable.

  5. Clap for yourself! This has to be my favorite one. You need to be commended when you achieve your goals. Don't you dare wait on anyone else to do it. Plan rewards for yourself when you smash a goal you set or make major personal progress. This allows you to love and enjoy each stage of your life. It trains you to be positive and feel good about your achievements.

  6. Find your tribe. Spend the most time with people who love and support you. Who energize your soul. The kindred spirits that not only inspire you but who also push you to do better than you already are. Energy is pivotal, you need to associate with people who remind you of who you are and what you want when you sometimes lose sight.

I hope you Beauties find this article helpful and I wish you a happy and productive year!



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