Dee's Take: Juvia's Place Eye Shadow Palettes

It has been a while since I have published a Dee's Take article. For those of you who have no idea what this is; they are true reviews of skincare and makeup products that I have never used before. I have been testing a number of products recently so I have a new series of Dee's Takes lined up for you Beauties.

Nubian 2


This article is focused on the Juvia's Place eye shadow palettes. I decided to test them myself after seeing mixed reviews about them online. I purchased both the Nubian 2 and the Masquerade palettes locally from Beyond Beauty. The first thing I look for in consumer friendly eye shadow palettes are a balanced mix of neutrals, colours, mattes and shimmers. Both of these palettes are nicely balanced and therefore practical.

Texture wise the shadows are silky and easy to blend while boasting a fantastic colour pay off. The test of time in my opinion is applying these shadows without the help of a primer. I have created three looks featured below that were done without the help of a primer, they looked lovely and stayed vibrant all day. Between these two palettes the possibilities are endless; you can create smoldering sultry looks or bold and bright eye makeup.

They are worth your pennies ladies. Send me photos of your creations if you have these palettes. I'd love to see!



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