Questions from Readers: Breaking down the ‘Halo’ Makeup Technique

This refers to a technique of using dark colours and applying a light colour in the middle. What this does is draw ones focus to that light colour. It is captivating when used as an eye shadow technique and when used as on the lips it creates the illusion of fuller lips. Here is an example of ‘Halo’ eye shadow.

Let me break it down for you so you can easily recreate it!

  1. I blended the matte textured maroon coloured shadows in my crease with a fluffy blending brush so the finish is soft.

  2. Taking that same matte maroon shadow I then packed it on heavily with a flat eye shadow brush on the inner corner of my eyelid and then the outer corner of my eyelid. Leaving a space in the middle.

  3. I took a gold shimmery shadow and packed onto the middle part of my eyelid. Be sure to blend the middle colour very lightly into where it meets those dark colours on either side.

This is the ‘halo’ effect. You have an eye shadow look that is beautiful and captivating.

If you try it out send us photos!



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