Questions from Readers: My 5 Makeup Must Haves.

Question from website subscriber Kelly.

This is one I get asked quite often and it changes from time to time. Keep on reading to see what products I MUST have in my personal makeup bag and why I love them so much.

1) Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray.

Not to be confused with a refresher spray such as MAC Fix Plus. This spray used after you have completed your whole makeup application locks in your makeup like no other. It does not budge! Please note there is a huge difference between perspiring and your makeup melting off your face. Even though your may sweat your makeup will not move an inch. Simply dab your face dry with a clean tissue.

Bonus: This spray smells like mint and has a light refreshing tingle.

2) Makeup Forever Pro Finish Foundation Powder.

Can be used either wet or dry, as a foundation alone or over foundation as a finishing powder. I like a medium to full coverage so i use this as a finishing powder. It is the only one I have used for no less than 2 years. It has worked well with every foundation I have used whether high end or drugstore. Plus it leaves me with a perfected, velvety smooth finish. To my complexion makeup.

3) Real Techniques Complexion Blending Sponge.

This makeup sponge is one of the most important tools in my beauty arsenal. I can already hear you beauties asking why I have not chosen the original Beauty Blender. This sponge is the closest to the original Beauty Blender texture which is my favorite. The price point is significantly cheaper and also I love the shape. That flat top fits perfectly under the eye area to blend in and then set concealer. Available in Barbados at Bio Beauty Coconut Walk.

4) L.A. Girl Orange Colour Corrector.

A girl with dark circles best friend! This colour corrects (mutes out) the appearance of dark circles when used and then topped with regular concealer. No more dull under eyes! Available in Barbados at Paradise Beauty Sheraton and Bridgetown.

5) Ruby Kisses Pot O' Miracle Lip Revitalizer.

When the store clerk showed me this product I must say I was very skeptical. My lips were chapped and I had run out of my previous favorite lip balm (EOS). At $5 a pop I decided I would try it. I can honestly say I had no expectations. Within two days my lips were healed and super soft! I am sold and will be purchasing these by the fives! Available in Barbados at Paradise Beauty Sheraton and Bridgetown.

There you have it. My must haves of the moment. Comment below and tell me what makeup products have your heart!



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