Lip Service: The Red Lipstick Making Me Swoon

"Red lipstick has long been the provocative rebel of the makeup world."- The Caribbean Woman's Cosmetic Culture

I have a makeup drawer full of red lipsticks in an assortment of shades, formulas and finishes. It is just one of my makeup must haves; my power colour. For a long time Sephora's liquid lipstick (pictured on left) in the shade 'Always Red' held the key to my heart but she's been knocked off her pedestal people! Her successor is my new found go-to red from Sacha Cosmetics (pictured on right).

Both are liquid lipsticks that dry to a matte finish. Both are long wearing. However where Sacha comes out on top are the longevity and the colour. The stunning truest blue based red hue I have even seen is aptly called 'Pass The Money' because Sacha will always get my money for this lipstick as long as the formula and shade stays the same.

Another bonus is it is one of those shades that makes your teeth appear whiter, oh and it also stays up to Chinese food and late night drinks!

It is available locally at Beyond Beauty on Broad Street Bridgetown for $25 BDS.

If you have tried this lipstick comment below! We want to hear what you think!



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