All About The Skin Part 1- Bentonite Clay Mask

Welcome to the All About the Skin Series; a set of posts dedicated to showing you some of my current skin care favorites that I have used for the first time. While I join many of you in being completely enamored by makeup, the love of my life still remains my own skin. Skin care is so pivotal because when all the makeup is washed off ….what're we left with? Another plus side is when you up your skincare routine there is less need to use heavy foundation coverage; a lifesaver in the summertime months.

Bentonite Clay is

“Bentonite clay is a clay that is mined from the earth, and it's formed after volcanic ash has weathered and aged in the presence of water. It has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it.”

I purchased this clay from Paradise Beauty a couple weeks ago. To create the mask I mix one tablespoon of the clay powder with three or four tablespoons of water. Then I mix them with a plastic spoon until it creates a thick paste. It is very important not to use any metal objects in this mixing process because it will cut the negative electro-magnetic charge that mixing the clay with water creates.

Smooth this paste onto cleansed skin and wait for it to completely dry (drying time depends on the thickness of the layer, however it takes about 40 minutes for me). You will notice the mask getting tight on your skin. When you wash it off completely a little redness may be experienced however by the time you pat your skin dry and moisturize the redness quickly goes away.

I would describe this addition to my skincare routine as 'the X factor'. It has made such a noticeable difference. Benefits include smaller pores, improved clarity and a markedly smoother texture.

I do this routine twice a week.

This clay can be purchased locally at the Paradise Beauty store on Broad Street. Price? $5 - $10 BDS depending on the bag size! Isn't that amazing?!

Let me know your thoughts when you try this!



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