The Skincare Secret of Generations

Attention to skincare started for me at a very early age. I remember my grandmothers using their favorite moisturizer religiously before bed. I remember my mother insisting we use facial wash instead of the soap in the bath.

Pertaining to my business I always advocate having a good skincare routine to my clients, rather than just covering blemishes with makeup. Foundation can wash off, but this is your skin guys and gals!

Mositurizing is a pivotal part of any skincare regimen, and this line of creams and moisturizers is the brand all our grannies used!

Ponds! The reason I love this brand is the no frills approach. A look at their ingredients list will reveal these products are comprised mainly of water and minerals. I have been using this brand for about a year, but a recent addition of one more product from the line has completely elevated my skincare routine!

First I must declare I have tried many makeup removers out there on the market. Ponds cold cream literally melts all the makeup off my face, even waterproof liners and mascara. I massage some into the skin and then remove it all with a cotton pad or face wipe. After that I use my face scrub or cleanser.

This dry skin moisturizer I recommend to everyone even if you have chronically oily skin! Why? I use it at night. I will slather on and massage a generous amount into my face and neck after I have cleansed before bed. This simple formula of moisturizer and minerals creates the optimal environment for your skin to rejuvenate while you sleep. Literally....Sleeping Beauty....haha

I was recently introduced to this day cream by a friend of mine (big shout out to Lisa). This moisturizer has sun protection, dries nicely on the skin so it's wonderful in hot temperatures. It also helps to even out your complexion, get rid of sun spots and acne scarring. It is not a bleaching cream by any means. I am currently on my second jar and have seen a remarkable difference in the evenness of my skin tone.

Try these moisturizers. Let me know what you think!



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