Shop My Makeup Stash Series-Part 3

If you live in the Caribbean I am guessing you join me in lamenting the small amount of time we enjoyed cool weather. The heat and humidity are back my friends and it will only get worse. For you Beauties who are still braving the cold, I'm sure this product will be a great alternative for you when your summertime weather arrives.

As soon as the heat came in I instinctively reached for my Sleek Makeup Be Beautiful Blemish Balm. Here's the product information as quoted from their website:-

“Be Beautiful Blemish Balm combines unique properties of skincare with makeup, with this multi-tasking balm that can be used as a primer, tinted moisturiser or concealer. With added benefits of SPF 15 to protect you from harmful UV rays, Be Beautiful Blemish Balm is perfect for those who want light to medium coverage.”

This provides medium coverage with a nice lovely light finish on the skin. My skin can still breathe and feels quenched and most importantly not heavy. I have been enjoying wearing this as my everyday foundation. For the past couple weeks you Beauties have been commenting about the luminous finish to my complexion makeup and I do owe it to this product. Admittedly because the coverage is not full, depending on if you have blemishes you want concealed you will have to whip out your concealer of choice, to spot treat specific areas. Another win is this product has SPF therefore you are well taken care of for those summertime rays.


If you have oily skin, skip the moisturizer because this BB Cream is also a moisturizer. If you have dry skin opt for a light moisturizer.

If there are any other BB Creams you have used and like drop us line and let us know!



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