The Power of Makeup

Any client I have ever had that has freckles will testify to the fact that I am completely smitten with them. I beg them not to cover them up completely but I have never had success in this persuasion. I have freckles on the back of my hands and arms but not on my face where I have always wanted them the most.

One of my favorite Youtubers (sonjdradeluxe) recently did a makeup tutorial on her channel on how to achieve a faux freckled makeup look. Immediately I washed off my makeup and decided to recreate this look. It went pass groupie excitement, I was truly moved. After posting the photos on my social media people sent me comments like “Ooooohhhh freckles, they're soo pretty”, “You shouldn't always cover them up.”, “I have freckles too yay!”. When I revealed it they were faux some were a bit disappointed however the fact that people assumed they were authentic was a compliment in itself.

One day a couple weeks after posting this look I was examining the photos again and it just clicked. My grandmother had freckles! I had such a close bond with her; I truly enjoyed being around her, the little things she would do for my siblings and I that just abounded in love. At a certain age it was my job to accompany her to her hair appointments. I miss seeing her pampered, I miss her beautifully textured hair, I miss her laugh, and I miss her freckles.

I realized in that moment why I love freckles soo much. Subconsciously I associated them with love. In that moment I also realized what a gift artists truly have. To recreate a moment in time, to transform someone into a character for performance, or to simply make someone feel pampered and pretty. I have always said “Do not look down on the artist, for by our hands we make your dreams come to life.”

That is the power of makeup.



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